Welcome to Cambodian Student Society!

A new year has begun and once again, we will be having fun-filled events coming along your way. Stick around to see what CSS' board members of 2017-2018 have in store for you.

Khmer Student Coalition Conference

On November 19th, the United Khmer Students of UCLA will be hosting the 13th annual Khmer Student Coalition Conference. This year's theme is "Rooted as One, Branched out Together," which is to represent the unity amongst our community. Check our calendar for more information!!


Our mission have and always will be about preserving the Cambodian culture. Through cultural lessons and analysis, members are exposed to the elements of the Cambodian community.

Making Connections

Every year, alumni always stop by during meetings and many times, offer internship or job positions. CSS has always been a great way to make connections, not only peers, but with your future.

Graduate with Meaning

Graduates of CSS earn alumni status of the community and leave with an understanding of who they are. They also are celebrated each year and sometimes even earning honors.

Producing Leaders

Preserving culture but also producing leaders. CSS has many leadership opportunities where members will gain experience beneficial to their future careers. A new leader to look up to!

What have we been up to lately?

Every year, CSS spends the Fall/Spring semester engaging with its members through cultural and social activities. From our general meetings to our annual potluck, we utilize the time by engaging with our members often while easing them into the culture. By spring semester, members will be more comfortable and have a clearer understanding when embracing the culture.


Partners & Association